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Latrell Thomas

I initially was a Biology major with a pre-track in Dentistry. Shortly after I realized this isn't something I'm passionate about. At this time I was a QA Analyst and during my shift I heard some of my peers talking about Computer Science (CS). I didn't know much about CS other than it involved problem solving and algorithms. I asked my manager if I could shadow a programmer. The day I shadowed a programmer changed my life. I was amazed that a giant block of code created a cool video game. The code to me was gibberish, but I was in awe nonetheless. When I got home I thought about all the ways CS has shaped or improved my life for the better. From there I got into my school's engineering program and started taking CS classes. I immediately fell in love. I enjoyed the problem solving even if it caused headaches. So now my goal is to grow as a Software Engineer, create things that help the lives of others in some way, and introduce CS to my community since it's not well-known/accessible.

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Joined: Oct. 18, 2021