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Mike Pottebaum

I first got interested in learning how websites work while I was working in tech support for a cybersecurity company. I wanted a better job than the one I had, and coding seemed like a great way to improve my work life. Two years ago, I quit that tech support job to attend Flatiron School's software engineering bootcamp program. While learning to build websites, I found a new passion that fosters my creativity and stimulates my creative problem-solving. I am a musician and have been writing music for most of my life. I was very surprised to find that coding provided a great complement to that very different passion. When I spend my days coding and solving technical problems, I find that I am hungry to dive into my music and continue to create and creatively solve the problems that arise in music composition. Currently, I work for CDW as a Software Engineer Consultant. I use JavaScript primarily (React, Node, Express) and NoSQL databases, but I also have a lot of experience using Ruby on Rails and SQL databases. Outside of work, I love to build games (I was most recently messing around with PhaserJS) as well as silly websites for friends and family. Coding and a career in tech have vastly improved my life, and I would like to give back in whatever way I can and encourage others to find their passion in the world of coding.

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Joined: April 27, 2022