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Francis Runzel

Hi! I've always been interested in computers, I went to college for Computer Science, and I have always believed in mind over matter, that we are all prodigies, that life is the path of unlocking our truest potentials. A couple of years back, I found out about Hypnotherapy and was completely inspired. It's from movies that we think that hypnosis is some sort of loss of control, or that it's "done to us". In reality, hypnosis is about using your mind to empower yourself to the fullest. A hypnotist guides someone to using their neurology and physiology in empowering ways, and teaching them how much power they have inside, and over their world! It's about helping to create independence. I think that also aligns and goes hand-in-hand with Computer Science. With computer science you can create programs with the functions you want, and then share that with others so you solve a collective problem we all experience. It's also a great way to connect with people who share a common goal, and brainstorm together so that many perspectives can be brought to the table, and to the program. (I'm starting to think this is no longer a short bio lol!)

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Joined: May 16, 2019